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arizona ambush by doug crowder

Arizona Ambush

After piloting the first ship to land on the sun, the zany adventures of Judas Armstrong continue across the deserts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, as he demonstrates a unique handling for a crime spree, barely escapes the malicious motives of a misbehaving Mercedes, and is then abducted by a little green man in a flying saucer (or maybe it’s just a cheap hotel managed by an illegal alien).

trial of the century

Trial of the Century

The year is 2517. The guitar has been outlawed as a dangerous weapon. The subversive form of music known as “Roland Rock” has been banned from the airwaves. The signer-songwriter, Azhular, faces charges of being “P.I.” (Philosophically Inaccurate). The day of his trial has finally arrived. As a glorious sunrise lights the eastern sky with brilliant hues of red and gold, the Channel 98.6 news reporter, TWISTY TRUTHY, sings the Title Song, TRIAL OF THE CENTURY, which begins:

It’s bigger than an earthquake, more exciting than a war.

Better than a football game — you’ll never guess just what’s in store.

‘Cause who would have dreamed, and who would have thought

That we’d see the trial of the King of Roland Rock!

CHORUS: It’s the trial, the trial of the century.

The biggest trial, the biggest trial in history.

the secret of the sauce by doug crowder

The Secret of the Sauce

SUMMARY. Join our favorite Citizen of the Universe, Judas Armstrong,

in three new adventures across the bounds of time and space.

Judas has never sought out the role of super-hero, but somemtimes the role seeks him out. In FIASCO IN ST. FRISKEY, while visiting Aunt Agatha and Uncle Felix on a far distant planet, he is reluctantly dons his Captain Freedom costume But will he be able to figure out what sort of super powers he supposedly has in time to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a visiting foreign leader before two nations are drawn into war?

In THE ANIMAL LOVERS, Judas finds himself on an unnamed planet full of animal-loving soupavores. But when the planet’s sun begins to go super-nova, Judas wonders – is he his brother’s keeper? Or his keeper’s brother?

In SECRET OF THE SAUCE, Aunt Agatha and Uncle Felix take Judas out for a relaxing dinner at one of the city’s finer restaurants. But when heavy-handed agents from BURRP (The Bureau for the Regulation of Radioacive Power) show up to confiscate the new sauce being unveiled that evening (in the name of “national security” of course) and rough up some bystanders in the process, Judas again takes on the mantle of Captain Freedom, determined to discover – the Secret of the Sauce.

trial of the century by douglas a. crowder

Trial of the Century - Lyrics and Synopsis

law book, balance and gavel

Lawsuit Survival 101

You come home one day and see a batch of papers stuck in the shrubbery next to your front door.You get a sinking feeling in your stomach.With trembling hands, you reach for the papers and start to read them.The top page is in small print and is a bunch of jargon you can hardly make heads or tails of.But one thing is obvious.Your worst fear has come to pass.You have been sued!

The book, LAWSUIT SURVIVAL 101, by attorney Douglas A. Crowder, may not make being sued an enjoyable experience, but it may at least make it less traumatic.

There are 3 uses for this book:

First, for the non-attorney, it will be a guide to increase understanding of the legal system and in the process of self-representation in a simple lawsuit.

Second, for you might want to save legal fees by representing yourself, but have the assistance of an attorney who helps you prepare documents and provides coaching before any court appearances.This book will help you to understand what is happening at various stages of the proceedings.

Third, for attorneys who are not familiar with this field of law, it can serve as guide to help the client understand his or her options in dealing with the lawsuit, and as a step-by-step checklist for settling or defending the lawsuit.

Poker is for the Birds

This story takes place on the newly risen (or maybe re-risen) Continent of Atlantis sometime in the 2500s to 2700s, and is the first in series of stories detailing the life of Sergeant Harmony. This tells of his early days — before he joined the Atlantean Warhawks; before he recruited a flock of pterodactyls to join in the battle against the YUKS (Yerripean Unified Konglomerate); before he moved west and became the director of BOSO (the Bizarre Occurrences and Sightings Office). Even before he became proficient at speaking with birds. In this novelita, Harmony, a not-too-exceptional poker player, teams up with Hank, a hawk who has always dreamed of playing poker, but being a bird, lacks the opposable thumbs necessary for holding cards. Hank, who has the eyes of a hawk (literally), and can count the number of hairs in a King’s mustache from a quarter mile, suggests a scheme in which he will observe what cards Harmony’s opponents are holding, and then tell Harmony how to bet. However, even the best laid schemes of hawks and men are not without a glitch or two.

a town without lawyers by doug crowder

A Town Without Lawyers

Have you ever wondered how peaceful and wonderful society would be if only we didn’t have lawyers? Well, now you can find out! A TOWN WITHOUT LAWYERS examines the beauty and harmony a city achieves after banning the practice of law.

This totally FICTIONAL story takes place about 500 years in the future, on the newly risen (or re-risen) Continent of ATLANTIS, and bears no similarity to anything happening today. The tale follows the adventures of URMA UNDERSTANDING, a young associate of the law firm PEACE & LOVE, as she rides to the aid of her classmate, SOCRATES TRUTH, who has been arrested for violating the new ordinance passed by the City of EN SAYNE, which outlaws lawyers.

The original version of this serialized mini-novel appeared one episode at a time in the author’s law office newsletter. Now, all the past episodes (and maybe some new ones) are available to those who have missed some issues of the newsletter, (not to mention those who never received the newsletter!) as well as some additional features not available from the newsletter, including maps, illustrations, and other background information.

the attorneys survival guide

The Attorney's Survival Guide

The purpose of this book, as the title implies, is to help lawyers SURVIVE the practice of law – and, more importantly, to help them ENJOY the practice a little more.  (Although this booklet is designed to help attorneys, it can be read safely by most non-attorneys, who are free to order it at their own risk!)

divorces in paradise

Divorces In Paradise

This issue starts a brand-new serialized novelita, featuring a brand-new character, never before appearing in any of this author’s works. Meet DRAKE COBALT, an obscure attorney who thinks he’s a Science Fiction writer. Or, sometimes portrayed as an obscure Science Fiction writer who thinks he’s an attorney.

DISCLAIMERS AND THE FINE PRINT: This story is entirely FICTIONAL, and any similarity to any existing persons, places or events is totally coincidental and should be immediately disregarded. This story is for entertainment only. Any other use is strictly prohibited by law, and may be hazardous to your health!)

big bear

A Breakfast at Big Bear