One way to help your credit after a bankruptcy is to get a SECURED CREDIT CARD.  With one of these, you make a deposit into a bank account, of let’s say $500.  Then you are given a credit card with a $500 limit.  When you make timely payments these are reported to credit bureaus as positive marks.  Also, it is likely that after you have made several payments on time, the bank will increase your credit limit above the security deposit. 

When should you get a secured card?  It would actually be better to get one BEFORE filing bankruptcy, but not start using it until after you file.  Then you will have a credit card you can start using after the bankruptcy.

Where can you get one?  There are a number available, and we don’t get any commission for referring any in particular.  Start by checking with your favorite bank and see if they offer secured cards.  Or use your favorite search engine to search for “secured credit cards.”