Lawsuit Survival 101


You come home one day and see a batch of papers stuck in the shrubbery next to your front door.You get a sinking feeling in your stomach.With trembling hands, you reach for the papers and start to read them.The top page is in small print and is a bunch of jargon you can hardly make heads or tails of.But one thing is obvious.Your worst fear has come to pass.You have been sued!

The book, LAWSUIT SURVIVAL 101, by attorney Douglas A. Crowder, may not make being sued an enjoyable experience, but it may at least make it less traumatic.

There are 3 uses for this book:

First, for the non-attorney, it will be a guide to increase understanding of the legal system and in the process of self-representation in a simple lawsuit.

Second, for you might want to save legal fees by representing yourself, but have the assistance of an attorney who helps you prepare documents and provides coaching before any court appearances.This book will help you to understand what is happening at various stages of the proceedings.

Third, for attorneys who are not familiar with this field of law, it can serve as guide to help the client understand his or her options in dealing with the lawsuit, and as a step-by-step checklist for settling or defending the lawsuit.



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