The Amazing Origin of Atlantis


Do you believe that the ancient civilization of Atlantis was real? Or just a legend?

I’ve researched that question extensively. The debate always goes back to Plato, the Greek philosopher, who made the first written reference to Atlantis in about 360 BC.

Most of the so-called “experts” today think that Atlantis never really existed, but was just a story made up by Plato to illustrate his point. But there are quite a number who believe he was writing about a real place.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of researchers have laid claim to the discovery of Atlantis in many places across the globe – the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe, Antarctica. (One writer even claims that it was located in the San Fernando Valley.) Whatever they claim to have found is always compared to the descriptions by Plato.

Well, I finally discovered the TRUTH about Atlantis. I travelled back in time to ask Plato himself.

And believe me, you’re not going to like his answer!



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